Primary Institution Letter (PIL)

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What is a Primary Institution Letter (PIL)

The PIL is a form used by Texas A&M University-Kingsville students who are attending classes at other institutions and would like those courses to be certified using federal benefits. Per the Department of Veteran Affairs, the VA only recognizes one institution as the “Primary Institution” all other institutions are considered “Guest Institution” and require a PIL from the Primary Institution in order to certify the coursework taken meets the degree program on file.

Do I have to be enrolled in classes at Texas A&M University-Kingsville to receive a Primary Institution Letter?

Yes, in order to receive a Parent Institution Letter you must be enrolled in at least one course at the Primary Institution.

Where do I access the form for completion?

The PIL will be posted on the Veterans benefits web page and can be completed on-line and printed for submission to the Veteran Affairs Office located in room 133, Student Union Bldg. The form must be TYPED and signed by the individual’s student’s academic advisor. No handwritten forms will be accepted.

What additional documentation will be needed to submit a Primary Institution Letter request?

You will need to provide a detailed schedule for the classes taken at the guest institution. An updated degree plan signed by your academic advisor that indicates the coursework taken at the guest institution.

What do I do once I receive my Primary Institution Letter?

Once the PIL has been approved and signed it will be transmitted to the certifying official’s email address the individual has provided. Upon receipt, the individual Certifying Official at the guest institution will process.

What is the turn-around time for receipt of Primary Institution Letter?

The turn-around time for a submitted Primary Institution Letter is 72 hours, however; times may vary depending on peak periods.  It is the students’ responsibility that a current file and documentation is on-hand at the Primary Institution.  Third party interaction is limited due to the sensitive nature of the documentation.

Click here to download the Primary Institution Letter Form