(Student Training in Agricultural Research Techniques by Novel Education Workshops)

Project Directors:  Dr. Shad Nelson and Dr. David Ruppert

The mission of this USDA funded project is to maximize the educational and professional attainment of underrepresented post-secondary students through a multi-state (four HSI institutions) project that attracts, supports, and trains students in the NIFA Priority Science Areas of Food Security, Climate Variability and Change, Sustainable Bioenergy, and Water for Agriculture.

For The Students

  • Research-based experiential learning with one-on-one faculty mentorship.
  • Workshops at the Texas A&M Soltis Center for Education and Research in Costa Rica that utilizes the expertise of four collaborating institutions to provide education on four of the NIFA Priority Science Areas.
  • Professional internships with USDA agencies.
  • Professional certificiation in plant and soil sciences.
  • Intercollegiate Soil Judging coached by an NRCS soil scientist.

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