TAMUK Facult/Staff Contact Information

Dr. Shad Nelson           shad.nelson@tamuk.edu

Dr. Randy Stanko         randy.stanko@tamuk.edu

Dr. David Ruppert         david.ruppert@tamuk.edu

Dr. Tanner Machado     tanner.machado@tamuk.edu

Dr. Greta Schuster        greta.schuster@tamuk.edu

Consuelo Donato          consuelo.donato@tamuk.edu

Project Directors and Co-Project Directors


  • Lead Institution:  Texas A&M University-Kingsville
    • Project Director:  Dr. David Ruppert
    • Co-PDs:  Dr. Shad Nelson, Dr. Greta Schuster, Dr. Randy Stanko, and Dr. Tanner Machado
  • Collaborators
    • Florida International University--Lead Collaborator: Dr. K. Jayachandran
    • University of Texas-El Paso--Lead Collaborator: Dr. H. Taboada
    • University of Puerto Rico--Lead Collaborator: Dr. D. Sotomayor


  • Lead Institution:  University of Texas-Pan American
    • Project Director:  Dr. Robert Gilkerson
    • Co-PD:  Dr. Michael Persans
  • Collaborators
    • Texas A&M University-Kingsville--Lead Collaborator: Dr. Randy Stanko; Co-Collaborators: Dr. Shad Nelson, and Dr. Tanner Machado
    • Texas State Technical College--Lead Collaborator: Norberto Mendoza
    • South Texas College--Lead Collaborator: Dr. Keith Murray; Co-Collaborator: Steven Schneider

Wheels of Change

  • Lead Institution:  University of Texas-El Paso
  • Collaborators
    • Texas A&M University-Kingsville
    • New Mexico State University
    • El Paso Community College
    • Dona Ana Community College
    • Galveston College


  • Lead Institution:  Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
  • Collaborators
    • Texas A&M University-Kingsville
    • Texas A&M AgriLife


  • Lead Institution:  Texas A&M University-Kingsville
    • Project Dirctor: Dr. Tanner Machado
    • Co-PDs: Dr. Shad Nelson, Dr. Randy Stanko, and Dr. Greta Schuster

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