USDA Education and Research Experience in Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles for Precision Agriculture

The primary purpose of this four-year interdisciplinary multi-HSI project is to increase the number of South Texas students graduating from 2-yr Associate-granting institutions (DMC, TSTC) transitioning to 4-yr Bachelor of Science and Masters degrees (TAMUCC, TAMUK, UTRGV) in fields related to the agricultural and biological sciences.

For The Students

  • Faculty and staff at partner institutions will provide undergraduate and graduate training and education in the use of UAV technology for precision farming in agriculture.
  • Targeted coursework will be created to include two permanent on-line introductory courses in UAV technology and ethics and one blended (on-line/hands-on) course in UAV applications.
  • Training will include internships and assistance in research projects aligned with UAV as a tool for soil, animal and natural resource sciences.

Lead Institution--Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

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