Natural Resource Career Development Program

The objective of the program is to promote NRCS as an employer of choice for diverse populations.  This program will help foster and cultivate undergraduate and graduate students as future leaders interested in agricultural careers in public service.  Educational workshops and activities will offer diverse students developmental techniques and tools in reasoning ability, self-confidence, goal-setting, leadership development and agricultural knowledge in conservation management and technology trends.  Specific workshops will assist students in understanding the Pathways program, learning how to apply through USAJOBS, and how to build a competitive application to better compete for NRCS internships and permanent jobs.  The ultimate objective is to employ TAMUK students as Pathways interns, and eventually, convert these students into entry-level permanent positions with NRCS.

For The Students

  • Provide support for up to 10 students for a practical work experience through an agency internship in coordination with NRCS.
  • Attending a NRCS Pathways/Career Development Workshop hosted at TAMUK.
  • Assistance in resume building and applying for the Pathways Program.

This page was last updated on: September 20, 2017