Presidential Scholarship

Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Scholarship is offered to incoming college freshmen that plan to attend Texas A&M University-Kingsville. It is a four year continuing scholarship pending the students completion of the yearly renewal requirements. The amount  a student is offered varies from $1000 to $14000 per year. The amount of the award is based on a combination of rank in class and the highest of either the students composite ACT or SAT score. The composite for both the ACT and SAT scores do not include the writing portion of the test.

Minimum Requirements

Must be admitted to Texas A&M University-Kingsville by December 15 prior to the students incoming Fall semester

Class Rank: Top 25%

Minimum ACT Score: 23

Minimum SAT Score: 1070

Renewal Requirements

GPA: Must maintain a 3.0 or higher institutional GPA

Progress: Must successfully complete 15 hours each long semester (Fall and Spring)

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