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Center for Student Success

Starfish Early Alert and Connect


The Center for Student Success  would like to introduce Starfish, an Early Alert software program that is used for identifying undergraduate students who need assistance from academic support services at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.  Starfish offers convenient early warning identification capabilities and connects students to a collaborative "Success Network" of professors, professional advisors, GPS Tutors, professional academic tutors, supplemental instruction leaders, and other campus support programs to address students' needs and inquiries. 


Starfish provides a convenient way for students to communicate with faculty and professional academic advisors. Students can schedule appointments with instructors and advising support staff as well as search through available campus resources.  Faculty and professional academic advisor can follow students through their TAMUK careers, record notes, schedule appointments, access basic student information, and communicate with those on campus who are involved with their students.  

How to access Starfish

Starfish is accessible through JNet and selecting the Starfish Button within the Campus Quick Links under the Campus Resource tab.  Starfish is also accessible through Blackboard and selecting the Starfish Button within the Blackboard's Tools section.

Students: Schedule an appointment with your Advisor

1.       Log onto JNET.
Click on the tab Campus Resources.
Go to Campus Quick Links.
Select the Starfish tab at the bottom of the list.
Select My Success Network to view your faculty, advisor, and support services. 
Look for your academic advisor
Select Schedule appointment.

8.       Select the reason for your appointment. Click continue

9.       Find availability to select an appointment day and time. Click continue.

10.     Appointment confirmation. Select confirm.

11.     See you at your next advisor appointment.


Faculty: Complete a Progress Survey

S.T.A.R. EARLY ALERT is an early warning and student tracking module that collects information and manages concerns about student performance in a central portal to facilitate communication and action across units in a student’s success network.

Starfish is an important tool for student success because it:

  • Provides an efficient way for faculty to update students on their academic performance. 
  • Links students to academic resources. 
  • Provides advisors with timely information. 
  • "Nudges" students in academic difficulty to take action. 
  • "Cheers" students who are excelling in a course.  


STAR - How to Complete a Faculty Progress Survey (Tutorial Only)

View YouTube tutorial:

Faculty: How to Track Attendance

Faculty can utilize the attendance tracking feature in Starfish to keep electronic record of student attendance for easier referencing later.

How to track attendance

How to run the Instructor Attendance Report

View YouTube tutorial:

Staff & Faculty: Creating Office Hours

Step by Step Instructions:


Instructional Video: