Texas A&M University-Kingsville


Returning Students

Dual Credit/Concurrent Credit

Application Checklist – Returning Student


 Each student application must include:

      Submitted to High School Counselor

  • Student Guidelines for the Dual Enrollment Program (If requested by dual enrollment advisor)
  • Official College Transcripts - If applicable (In sealed envelope)
    • If the student has attended another institution at anytime, an official transcript must be submitted.
  • Official High School Transcript – If applicable (In sealed envelope)
    • To be considered official. The transcript must be signed and stamped with the high schools seal. 
  • Official Test Scores – If applicable
  • Letter of Approval - (must be on high school letter head and signed)
    • If taking more than 7 semester credit hours (Fall or Spring) and/or if taking more than 4 semester credit hours (summer). Any amount of semester credit hours over 7 during the Fall/Spring semesters or over 4 semester credit hours for the Summer semesters will need a “Letter of Approval” from the student’s High School Principal on their school’s letter head, recommending the student for this course load prior to enrollment… this is STRICTLY ENFORCED!  A student must pass all courses with a C or better to continue to enroll in more than 2 dual credit courses in following semesters.  No Exceptions.
  • Shot records showing proof of receiving the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine. (Vaccine is only valid for 5 years)
    • Only if the student has left out one full semester (Fall or Spring) or longer and
    • If the student plans to take a course physically being taught on our campus

This page was last updated on: November 08, 2013