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Learning Assistance Center

Learning Assistance Center’s Student Conduct Expectations
(Modified from the 2012-2013 Student Handbook- Classroom Conduct Expectations, p.37)


Texas A&M University-Kingsville students who receive tutoring or First Year Javelina Supplemental Instruction services from the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) are expected to assume individual responsibility for maintaining a productive learning environment and conduct themselves with the highest regard for respect and consideration of others.  Ongoing behaviors or single behaviors considered distracting can be addressed by the LAC Director initially either generally or individually as part of the Director’s LAC management efforts.  Cases in which such distracting behavior becomes excessive and the student refuses to respond to the director’s efforts can be referred to the Dean of Students.

In the case of serious disruptive behavior at the LAC, the LAC Director will first request compliance from the student and if the student fails to comply, the LAC Director has the authority to ask the student to leave the LAC area and refuse any further LAC services.  The student is expected to comply with this request to leave the LAC area and may subsequently contest this action using procedures established by the department.  If the student fails to leave after being directed to do so, assistance may be obtained from other university personnel including the University Police Department.  The incident shall be handled as an academic misconduct matter using established departmental procedures for academic misconduct to determine if the student should be allowed to return to the LAC.

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