First Year Javelina

First Year Javelina Commitment

As a First Year Javelina, I am committed to achieving academic excellence.  Therefore, I pledge to
(1) attend my classes,
(2) obtain and study my textbooks and other course materials,
(3) complete my homework assignments on time, and
(4) actively engage in my academic classes by
     (a) taking class notes,
     (b) participating in class discussions,
     (c) studying for examinations, and
     (d) taking my examinations at the time and place specified by the professor.

    I also pledge to embrace college life by engaging in campus activities such as attending sporting events, concerts, guest lectures, cultural events, and participating in intramural sport activities or other service learning opportunities.  I further pledge to seek advice and support from my mentor, advisors, professors, tutors, and counselors for academic or social problems that I might encounter and to comport myself in a highly ethical and exemplary manner in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

   Texas A&M University-Kingsville pledges to help you succeed as a First Year Javelina and throughout your college experience at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.   We strive to develop well-rounded leaders with critical thinking skills who can solve problems in an increasingly complex, dynamic, and global society. Our campus community maintains an academically challenging, learner-centered and caring environment where all employees are expected to work appropriately to contribute to your student success.


This page was last updated on: January 24, 2017