First-Year Experience

We are happy you have chosen Texas A&M University-Kingsvillefor your college education. It is a great pleasure to welcome you aboard for a life-long learning experience.

You are the most prestigious people here on campus and we would like to make your first year college experience the most memorable one.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville has many resources which a First-Year Javelina will need to succeed in University level courses. In this Web site you will find useful information about all the resources available to you and how you can utilize these resources.


Texas A&M-Kingsville is the only university in the United States with a javelina for its mascot. The university's first students chose the javelina (in Spanish pronounced hah-vay-lee-nah and in South Texan pronounced hah-vuh-lee-nuh) as the mascot because of its fierce and tenacious behavior Read more...

Once provoked, a javelina will often viciously and tenaciously fight any perceived threat, which the school's first president, Dr. Robert Cousins, discovered in 1929. After suffering an attack by one of the three mascot javelinas on the campus, Dr. Cousins stated that the creature stands for a symbol of the character of the school's students.

First-Year Javelina Commitment... click here
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