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Academic Recovery Plan

The Center for Student Success is committed to the successful transition and graduation of every Texas A & M University-Kingsville (TAMU-K) student.  The Academic Recovery Plan incorporates the combined efforts of administration, staff, professors, and students to enhance student success. Student interaction is absolutely needed for on-time graduation and the “Academic Recovery Plan” will aid students to accomplish that goal.

Enforced Withdrawal

Students who have been placed on scholastic probation, and who fail to achieve the minimum institutional grade point average during the next long semester, will be placed on enforced withdrawal.  To attend the following semester, readmission will be required.  Students must contact their academic advisor to start the readmission process.  If readmitted, advisement for the following semester will not occur until grades are posted and evaluated for the term you are currently enrolled in.


Removal of Enforced Withdrawal Status by Summer Study

Students placed on enforced withdrawal at the end of the spring semester are eligible to attend the subsequent summer session.  If the student achieves a institutional grade point average of 2.0 or higher at the conclusion of the summer terms, the enforced withdrawal status will be removed.

What do I need to do in order to get readmitted to TAMU-K once I am designated as Enforced Withdrawal?

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First Step  Second Step      Third Step   Fourth Step

Once you agree to the conditions of the Academic Success Contract and have been granted readmission, you will be required to meet mandatory responsibilities throughout the semester to fulfill the contract.

Mandatory Responsibilities of the Academic Success Contract include:

 • Attend 3 meetings with the Fast Track Path Advisor (Mr. Tony Ramirez) and complete the mandatory homework assigned.

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Meeting 1  Meeting 2     Meeting 3

 In Addition                   

• Attend classes regularly. (Based on the attendance policy specified in your syllabus for each course you are enrolled in.)


• Must complete the semester of re-admittance with an institutional grade point average of a 2.0 or higher.

• Utilize chess activities as an academic success tool; for more information, please contact

 Chess Coordinator

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