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Student FAQ


What should I bring?
  • If you want to focus on a draft, bring an electronic copy (on email or flash drive)
  • If you are working on a particular assignment, bring the assignment.
  • If you want to address comments on a paper, bring the instructor’s comments and the paper.
  • If you have preliminary notes or writing, a particular reading and/or research materials you are using for the paper, bring those items to the session.
What happens during a session?
  • Discuss the assignment. The WT will discuss the purpose of the writing assignment you are working on.
  • Establish goals for the session. At the beginning of the session, you and your WT will determine what you want to focus on. It is helpful if you come with a clear agenda for what writing issues you want to work on.
  • Think, talk, and write about your writing. Your WT will ask questions designed to help you actively reflect on and think critically about the assignment. Your WT will almost always ask you to read your paper aloud, since reading out loud is an excellent technique for catching grammar errors or inconsistencies in your writing. Both you and your WT will discuss ideas about the topic and your writing process, and your WT may help you revise parts of your paper.
  • Work on writing strategies. Your WT might recommend writing strategies or options for you to consider. As needed, your WT might give you handouts or exercises that focus on areas for improvement.
Can I drop off a paper and pick it up later?

No, The LAC is not a drop off service. Instead, you receive feedback on your writing from an attentive and experienced tutor who will give you useful strategies not only for the assignment at hand, but also for future assignments.

Can I bring in a group paper?

Yes, we do work with teams of writers, but all group members must be present at the session. In this way, each writer can ask questions about the part that he/she wrote. At the same time, writers can learn from others as they correct errors and discover strategies for writing and revising their drafts.

Grades and Instructors

I came to the LAC for writing tutoring but I didn’t get an A on my paper. Why not?

Even after a visit to the LAC, your paper may still have errors or larger organizational and content problems. Because our time is limited, we set priorities about what aspects of writing or the specific assignment to focus on. Although you may be able to improve some parts of the paper, there may still be areas of the paper that you and your WT were not able to work on. Improving your writing takes time. If you continue to allow the LAC to be a part of your writing process, eventually you will see improvements in your writing.

I’m worried that the WT’s comments will contradict my instructor’s comments.

The WT’s role is not to assign grades, explain instructor’s comments, or to predict grades. Instead, the WT acts as “another set of eyes” to help you explore options and writing strategies.

Will my instructor know that I came to tutoring?

Sessions at the LAC are confidential and details are shared with instructors only if you give written permission.

This page was last updated on: July 29, 2013