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Faculty FAQ

Syllabus Information about the LAC

The LAC offers one-on-one writing tutoring sessions tailored to students’ specific needs and assignments. WTs are trained to help at any stage of the writing process and with writing assignments from across the curriculum.


We appreciate you announcing our services to your classes and highlighting the LAC by a note in your syllabi. If you would like to orient your student to the LAC, we are happy to send a WT to your class to give a brief presentation about the services we offer.

When you advise your students to come to the LAC, please remind them to bring an electronic/print copy of the assignment as well as a rough draft. In addition, if you want the student to focus on a specific element of writing, send a note along that indicates this, and the WT will keep those concerns in mind.

 Session Confidentiality

Sessions between WTs and students are confidential. WTs are happy to send instructors a post-tutoring log with permission from the student. The log details the assignment worked on and the writing strategies employed.

We will not help students with “take-home exams” unless we have written permission from you. Please email Co-Director, Sonya Acuña at sonya.acuna@tamuk.edu.

Responsible Use of Sources and Plagiarism

At the LAC, we help writers use and cite sources appropriately. If the WT has concerns about the use of research in a writer’s text, the WT will point it out and help the writer to effectively and appropriately cite the information. The WT will also discuss TAMUKs policy on plagiarism so the writer is aware of the consequences of plagiarism. If the WT feels that the writer is not willing to revise potentially plagiarized material, the WT has the discretion to end the appointment.

Before submitting your application, you must first fill out a Part-Time Referral Notice through the Office of Student Financial Aid. 

This page was last updated on: July 01, 2013