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About Us

Our Mission

The Learning Assistance Center’s (LAC) mission is to help students become successful and confident academic writers by:

  • clarifying assignments,
  • modeling strategies, and
  • discussing expectations about the conventions for writing within a given discipline


Our tutors understand that students encounter the writing process with different degrees of strength and comfort; therefore, a collaborative approach guides our practice. Students and tutors engage in one-on-one conversations about writing while sharing knowledge and granting authority to both the tutor and student. We recognize that differences in proficiency, linguistic and cultural background need to be taken into consideration when helping students to negotiate meaning and become efficient writers.


Fulfillment of Mission

Our center fulfills its mission in two primary ways:

  • by providing individualized tutoring sessions by appointment or on a walk-in basis
  • by providing workshops and coordinating outreach efforts that bring the writing tutors to particular populations of TAMUK students



Here are some practices that support our LAC’s philosophy:

  • Writers and tutors sit next to each other rather than across the table.
  • Students, not tutors, write on the paper or sit at the keyboard. This allows students to retain ownership of their writing.
  • Tutors will ask the writer for specifics on the assignment: what is the assignment, when is the paper due, have they received a grade or instructor feedback.
  • Tutors will ask writers to explain their attitudes toward the assignment, their writing process, and what problem areas they want to focus on before we read the paper. This will allow the writer and tutor to set the agenda for the session together.
  • We will always read writers’ work out loud. This approach helps writers “hear” their writing and pin point areas that need attention. Also, this approach encourages both writer and tutor to maintain involvement.
  • The tutor and writer will decide on an agenda for the session together, determining the issues that will be covered in the amount of time available. Tutors will give strategies and options that students may want to consider; however, the decision-making and writing is up to the writer. It is not the goal of the center for students to leave with a PERFECT paper, but for the student to leave a better writer.
  • We will end sessions by having writers articulate what they are going to do with their paper once they leave the Center. That way, they have a sense of what to do next.


This page was last updated on: June 27, 2013