Frequently Asked Questions

How do I…

 1.    Requisition something to be purchased? 

 2.    Get a FedEx Shipping Express Service account? 

 3.    Get a Procurement card?

 4.    Allocate my monthly P-Card charges? 

 5.    Reset my P-Card password?

 6.    Change the limits on a P-Card? 

 7.    Get a Sales Tax Exemption Form?

 8.    Order Business Cards/Letterhead/Envelopes? 

 9.    Order Office Supplies? 

 10.  Order a Computer? 


1.    Requisitioning Something To Be Purchased

a.     Refer to the ordering plan “Purchasing Quick Reference Guide”. (PDF)

b.     Remember to investigate the HUBs available and solicit quotes from them.  As a participant in the goods ordering chain, we are all responsible for assuring the  HUB participation of the University.

c.     Secure at least one written quote.  A catalog or website price is not a reliable quote.


***Some cautions:

i.     A requisition is not a purchase order.  It is notification from your department to SSGS that assistance is needed to complete an order for goods or services.

ii.     Use an R-doc if the purchase is expected to be over $5,000, the bid threshold.  Also, use an R-doc if it is a HEF purchase, if it is a purchase from the State Term Contract or if you are not sure who to buy from.  AND---


e.      Scan your quote and any other pertinent information in Laserfiche Workflow, which can be accessed by the SSGS purchaser that will eventually process your order.

***Please note:

i.     Closing of the document will insure that the funds are encumbered, even if you do not route the document until later.

ii.     Until you submit the document for routing, the Requisition can be reopened (screen 258) and modified.  After it is routed, it must be rejected back to the creator in order to make changes.

iii.     Use screen 914 to track the progress of the requisition.                         

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2.    FedEx Shipping Account

To get the best pricing for your shipping, you must set up your department’s account using the following steps:

  1. Go to the web page
  2. Click on Find a Contract
  3. Click on Higher Ed Contracts
  4. Scroll down and find FedEx Services, click on its icon
  5. Scroll down to the Getting Started section
  6. Click on “application
  7. Select “We are a new FedEx customer.”
  8. Type in “Texas A&M Univ – Kingsville” as your institution
  9. Fill in the rest of the form with your department’s information
    • In the eCommerce Information section, please respond “No”
  10. Submit the application and wait for e-mail verification of your account.

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3.     Get a Procurement card

a.     Submit an application for the procurement card.  Application can be accessed at:

b.     Take the online training course - Procurement Card Introduction Training.

c.    Forward your completion notification email to

  1. You will receive a reply email confirming your completion and instructions on how to get your card.

**Please take into consideration 7 - 10 business days to receive your card after submission of application.         

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4.    Reconcile my monthly P-Card Statement? 

a.     The cardholder, or their account group manager, is responsible for allocating their Citibank statement. Purchases should be reconciled in the Citimanager Global Card Management System (GCMS) at

b.     A step-by-step guide on how to allocate in GCMS is available at              

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5.    Reset my P-Card password?

a.     Call Citibank Customer Service at 800-248-4553, option 1

b.     OR Click on the Forgot your password? link on the GCMS login screen

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6.    Change the limits on a P-Card? 

a.     Requests to change P-Card credit limit(s) must come from your Department Head

b.     Please email the change request to for processing.

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7.    Get a Sales Tax Exemption Form?

a.     Sales Tax Exemption Form (PDF)

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8.    Order Business Cards/Letterhead/Envelopes? 

To use FedExOffice to order online you will need access to their online Docstore.  If you are not already set to use FedExOffice Docstore please fill out the application forms and return them to our office.

a.     Access FedExOffice DocStore:

b.     Enter your UserId & password

c.     Select Business Cards and Stationary link

d.     Select the Desired Icon (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes)

e.     You will be taken to the site with all available options; select your preferred style.

f.      Fill in all areas as required below; please note, all email addresses must be a TAMUK email address (personal emails are not permitted).

g.     Enter your FedEx/Kinko’s card number as the user number:

h.     Verify your information is correct and add to your cart.

i.      From there you can either add more items or checkout.

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9.    Order Office Supplies?

To use to order online you will need access to Summus/Staples.  If you are not already set to use Summus/Staples please fill out the application forms and return them to our office.

a.     Send an email to your supervisor requesting to be set up in the Summus system and request the supervisor’s approval be indicated on the application form (PDF) and the email forwarded to Strategic Sourcing & General Services (

b.     Our Summus representative will create the account with an identification code and password and send a “Welcome” email to the person making the request.  A copy will also be directed to the SSGS administrator.

c.     PLEASE NOTE: a P-Card is required to process office supply orders.  Orders cannot be placed with as P.O.

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10. Order a Computer? 

a.     TAMUK has standards established for computer purchases. They are configured with the University’s image that includes Win 7 Pro, MS Office 2010, Mcafee, Hummingbird, and other freeware; the PC comes with 5 year warranty and the laptop has 4 years. 

b.     Please contact Austin Ribbon and Computer for a quote based on the standard computers.  Optiplex and Latitude are the Dell’s business class computers.  You will have the option to make minor configuration changes.  If you need a more powerful system you will need to contact Bill Pedigo ( in iTech for assistance.

Austin Ribbon and Computer
Ashley Ambroso 
ARC - Relationship Manager
Phone: 512.681.6236
Fax: 512.452.0691

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