Procurement Card Services


The Procurement Card is a fast, flexible payment method for processing delegated purchases from suppliers that accept MasterCard credit cards. It is a cost-effective method and is a reduction in the cost of processing small orders, including data entry, receiving and invoice submission.

Procurement Card Program

P-Card Procedures

Here are the items that need to be turned in to the Office of Strategic Sourcing & General Services:

1.      The P-Card Audit Checklist

2.      The P-Card Transaction Log

3.      The Expense Report (printed online)

4.      All backup documentation (i.e. receipts and transaction records)

Items 1-3 require a signature from both the Cardholder and Department Approver (Dept Approver cannot be cardholder)

P-Card Billing Cycle Schedule (PDF)

Each month the statement closes on the 3rd, you must complete your online allocation by the 10th and turn in to our offices all of your documentation by the 15th.   If either of the deadlines fall on a weekend the due date will move to the next business day.

You can allocate throughout the month or wait and do it all at the end, depending on your preference.  However, we suggest that you login one more time after the 5th if you allocate throughout the month to check for late cycle charges that appear after the 3rd and to make sure there have not been fraudulent charges on your account.  Charges can post 3-5 days after purchase.

P-Card Program Forms

  • P-Card Application Form (E-Form)
  • P-Card Agreement Form (PDF)
  • P-Card Audit Checklist (PDF)/(Excel)
  • P-Card Food Purchase Information Form (PDF)/(Word) (formerly the Business Meals Form)
  • P-Card Missing Receipt (PDF)
  • P-Card Program Guide (PDF)
  • P-Card Transaction Log (PDF)/(Excel)
  • TAMUK Sales Tax Exempt Form (PDF)

P-Card Contacts:

Program Coordinator:

vacant (

Program Administrators:

Rachel Buentello (

Sara Robertson (


  • How to login to Citibank and Allocate charges:

          Individual Cardholders (PDF)

          Group Managers (PDF)

  • How to run/print the Expense Report:

          Individual Cardholders (PDF)

          Group Managers (PDF)


How do I...

 1.    Get a Procurement Card (P-Card)?

 2.    Allocate my monthly P-Card charges? 

 3.    Reset my P-Card password?

 4.    Setup or Reset my P-Card PIN?

 5.    Change the limits on a P-Card?


1.     Getting a Procurement Card (P-Card)

a.     Submit an application for the procurement card.  Application can be accessed here.

b.     Take the online training course "Procurement Card Introduction Training."

c.     Forward your completion notification email to:

  • You will receive a reply email confirming your completion and instructions on how to get your card
  • Please take into consideration 7 - 10 business days to receive your card after submission of application.       

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2.    Reconciling Monthly P-Card Statements

a.    The cardholder, or their account group manager, is responsible for allocating their Citibank statement. Purchases should be reconciled in the CitiManager Global Card Management System (GCMS).

b.    A step-by-step guide on how to allocate in GCMS is available here.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page (under the "Guides" section), click the PDF link for either Individual Cardholders, or Group Managers

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3.    Resetting a P-Card Password

a.    Call Citibank Customer Service at 800-248-4553.


b.    Click the "Forgot Password/PIN?" link on the GCMS login screen.

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4.    Setup or Reset my P-Card PIN

a.    Call Citibank PIN Service line at 877-905-1855.

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5.    Changing the Limits On a P-Card

a.    Requests to change P-Card credit limit(s) must come from your Department Head.

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