Talent Search gives students academic, career and educational advice, as well as encourages them to complete high school and continue on to a place of higher education. Enrolling your child in this program will not only place your child's best foot forward down the right path, but the sooner they join, the more benefits they gain. Many parents know what is best for their son or daughter and desire for them to graduate high school and continue down the path of education by enrolling in a college or university. We are here to do exactly that. We live in a society where education plays an important role in the lives of many families.

Let Talent Search Program guide your child in the right path and help them achieve future academic success. All services provided are free to program participants. Talent Search can answer all your questions that you might encounter from choosing the right college, what tests your child needs to take or how to obtain financial aid to help pay for your child’s education .

This page was last updated on: January 25, 2017