How To Apply


  • First generation college bound student. ( neither parent or guardian has received a bachelors degree.)
  • Students with documented financial needs. ( free or reduced lunch, etc.)
  • Students in grades 9-12. (13-18 years old.)
  • Veteran of any age
  • Students demonstrating academic potential and/or need for services.

Once you are in the program, students should show their desire to work and keep up with their eligibility requirements along with other guidelines by simply taking advantage of the programs services. These requirements are used to guarantee your success. To apply just download the application below fill it out and return it to the Talent Search offices!

While in the program the student must:

  • Express a desire to learn and excel academically.
  • Demonstrate ongoing social and academic improvements.
  • Attending meetings with Talent Search advisors and Special Programs staff.
  • Participate in Talent Search activities.
  • Follow all program rules and guidelines.

TS Application

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This page was last updated on: January 25, 2017