DegreeWorks Worksheet

The Worksheets tab contains three side bar options (Worksheets, What-If, and Look Ahead). As previously noted, this is where you will see your degree evaluation. 

Class History

Although it is not located on the side bar, Class History allows you to view taken and transferred coursework. This looks similar to an unofficial transcript. All the classes you have transferred in appear at the top, and the classes you have taken at TAMUK appear towards the bottom.



Worksheet Audit Views:

As a student, you will have two different ways of seeing your degree plan evaluation. Located under “Format,” you can see a drop-down menu with the following views: 

  • Student View- displays a complete audit view of your academic history.
  • Registration Checklist- displays your unmet requirements. 


Student View

The Student View format is the default view once you enter the Worksheets Tab. If you are under a different audit view, Student View can be accessed by selecting it on the drop-down menu under Format, and clicking View.

The Student View is a complete audit view of your academic history and will change each time you add, drop, or complete a course. You can also save this view as a PDF file for future reference.


Registration Checklist

This Registration Checklist view is seen by selecting it on the drop-down menu and pressing the View button.

The Registration Checklist format provides areas you have not completed yet, and is recommended for printing when you visit your advisor around registration time. This view displays the list of courses you are pending to complete towards graduation.