What-If Audits

What-If Audits

What-If Audits

What-If Audits allow you to process projective degree audits using your class history. If you are contemplating changing your major, are undeclared, or your degree plan information on the audit is not correct, you can use this format to see where you stand in your projective degree change.


To generate a What-If Audit, select the level, degree, catalog year, major, minor, and concentration (if applicable) that you would like to audit your class history against, in the drop-down menus provided.


Once the selections appear on the right window, click the Process What-If button.


When selecting the criteria for a What-If Audit, make sure the proposed combinations are valid. (Ex: A major in Accounting can only be completed with a Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting degree, so selecting a Bachelor of Arts in the degree field will display an error and will not process a What-If Audit.)