Navigating Degreeworks

Navigating DegreeWorks

Navigation Toolbar


Back to Self-Service - Links back to ASSIST main page.

Portal -

FAQ - Links to Frequently Asked Questions

Help - Links to DegreeWorks documentation.

Print - Allows user to print current page

Log Out - Logs user out of DegreeWorks.

Audit Bar


Student ID - Displays the student's ID.

Name - Student name displays here.

Degree - Student’s current degree displays here, dual degree students will list multiple options.

Major - Primary major will display.

Level - Current student’s class displays (UG for undergraduate, MA for master's, or DR for doctoral).

Student Class Level - Current student’s class level displays

Last Audit - Displays date last audit was performed for current student



Worksheet - Will take you back to the Worksheet view of a student’s audit.

Planner - Will take you to the Student Planner.

GPA Cal - Will take you to GPA calculator.



Worksheet - Like the Worksheets Tab, this will take you back to the worksheet view of an audit.

What If - Displays the tools for viewing a What If Audit.

Look Ahead - Displays the tools for viewing possible course registrations in an audit.