What is DegreeWorks?

What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is a new user-friendly degree evaluation program that TAMUK has embedded within Blue & Gold. This online advising tool provides you with an easy-to-understand and organized way of seeing your degree evaluation.

Aimed to help you progress efficiently through your degree plan, DegreeWorks compares your academic history with the degree plan requirements outlined in your University Catalog. Whether your classes were transferred in, taken at TAMUK, or are currently in-progress, DegreeWorks will categorize your classes under the academic areas they fall under such as, the core curriculum (also known as the “basics”), your major, minor/concentration, additional requirements, and foreign language/study abroad requirements, if applicable to your degree plan.

DegreeWorks is a clear-cut way of seeing which requirements you have already met, and which requirements you are still pending to complete towards graduation. 

Who can access DegreeWorks?

  • Undergraduate and Graduate students
  • Advising Staff and Faculty Advisors
  • Registrar’s Office.

DegreeWorks helps by:

  • Displaying the degree requirements and identifying the courses you must complete to earn your degree.
  • Providing a “what if” analysis if you are contemplating changing your major.
  • Providing a direct link to the course description, pre-requisites, and co-requisites.
  • Projecting an estimate of how many semesters it will take you to graduate.

How is a DegreeWorks audit different from your transcript?

  • DegreeWorks presents you with the courses required in your degree plan, as well as the courses that you have already taken.
  • Your transcript is the official college record listing the courses taken each semester. To obtain an official transcript, you must request one from the Javelina Enrollment Services Center in SUB 132. You can also access an unofficial transcript online through JNET, by clicking on the "Student" tab, then on Blue & Gold Main Menu module, then under the "Student and Financial Aid" link. Then click on the "Student" link followed by the "Academic Transcript" link.