Priority Registration Checklist

 1)  Have a Plan:

Review your degree plan (see University catalog) and based on degree requirements draft a list of courses you need to register for.

 2)  Meet with Advisor:

Schedule a meeting with your advisor prior to the start of your registration date (refer to Item #4 below).  Bring your pre-advising plan (see step 1) and your student ID card.

3)  Clear Holds:

If you have holds on your account that affect your ability to register, they must be cleared.  Even when it is your time to register, if you still have any holds on your account (affecting registration) you will not be able to register.  See example screen

 4)  Check the Schedule:

Know when it is your turn to register.  Check the registration schedule (pdf download) and discuss with your advisor if you are unsure when it is your time to register.

 Remember the schedule is based on earned credit hours that we have on file for you.  Please log into Blue & Gold Connection to check your transcript.  See example here