Priority Registration FAQ

1)  Why is the university doing this?

The university is changing registration to improve access to courses and help students maintain progress toward their degree.  As you move closer to completing your degree, you will have fewer options on which courses you may take to complete degree requirements.  Thus, the closer you get to completing your degree, the earlier your registration time.  This gives you an advantage in getting the classes that you need

2)  Who do I contact if I do not know when to register?

The registration schedule tells you when you may register:  Registration Schedule.  You will need to contact your academic advisor to set up an appointment prior to registering for the upcoming semester(s).

3)  Can I still register if I miss my assigned time?

Yes, you may register any time after your time starts and while Blue and Gold is available for on-line registration.

4)  What do I do if I have holds?

You cannot register if you have holds, including advising holds.  Contact the department that represents the hold and see your advisor for advising if you have an advising hold.   

5)  My registration time has started, but I cannot register. What do I do?

Priority registration is for currently attending students and all registration holds (advising and/or financial) need to be cleared.  If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student for the next upcoming semester, you will not be able to register until you have attended an orientation program.  If this does not apply to you, please visit the Javelina Enrollment Services Center located in the MSUB room 132 or contact the Office of the Registrar at 361-593-2811 for assistance.