Adding and dropping classes


Add/Drop Courses

Courses may be added or dropped during the online registration period prior to the start of a semester. Once the online registration has ended, you will need to come by the Javelina Enrollment Services Center for adds/drops/withdrawals. (For instructions on how to Search for & Add-Drop Courses please see guide here.)


Schedule changes can be made anytime throughout the priority registration period provided you are adding only advisor-approved courses.  If you add a course to your schedule, you must pay the additional tuition and fees on or before the tuition payment deadline to confirm the added course.

Definition of dropping a course: A student is "dropping" a course or courses if he or she remains enrolled in a minimum of one (1) semester credit hour after all course drops have been completed.  If dropping all courses, see the section on Withdrawing from the University.

You can download the Add-Drop Registration form here.