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Memberships may not be purchased at the Student Recreation Center. They can be conveniently purchased online with a charge card. Once the transaction is completed, just generate a copy of the receipt and present it at the Student Recreation Center main office, level II, room 210, during business hours Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. If you currently have a TAMUK ID card, it will be activated by the next business day so you will access to the facility.

If you are an eligible user (Faculty/Staff spouse or senior dependent, retiree, retiree dependent, and Alumni/spouse, etc.) and do not currently have a TAMUK ID  when you present your receipt, we will call the ID Center located in the Memorial Student Union during weekly business hours and request that a card be issued to you which will be activated to use the facility. Member will need to go the ID Center at the Memorial Student Union to pick up the new card.

Once purchased, the receipt needs to be submitted to the Student Recreation Center main office for card activation and/or card pick up at the ID Center. 

Marketplace - you may purchase your memberships online though Touchnet on Marketplace.


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