Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Campus Recreation and Fitness is to provide programs, services and facilities that focus on a holistic healthy lifestyle and ensure a safe, healthy, clean and enjoyable environment. We strive to enhance the development and leadership opportunities to the TAMUK students through employment, internships and involvement.

Vision Statement

The Department of Campus Recreation and Fitness will continue to enhance the lives of students, faculty, and staff and the campus community through fitness, sports, adventure and play. We will strive to develop a comprehensive program that provides participation, employment, and leadership opportunities designed to enhance learning, growth and development.

Diversity Statement

The Department of Campus Recreation and Fitness will create an environment that celebrates the differences each person shepherds across the plane of diversity. Diversity and respect is important to the individual’s holistic healthy lifestyle, experience and development at TAMUK. We pledge in creating an inclusive environment through hiring and developing culturally adept employees. We aspire to reaching out to under-served populations and providing facilities, equipment and programs in which all members of the TAMUK community feel welcome at the Department of Campus Recreation and Fitness. 


  • To always practice safety through the use of rules, regulations, and facility management.
  • To enhance learning, development, and involvement of TAMUK students.
  • Develop and improve programs and facilities.
  • Improve knowledge and professional development of staff.


  • Respect: We treat our team employees, members and affiliates with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing everyone’s importance to success.
  • Safety: Provide a risk free environment by minimizing risk through training and practice.
  • Fun: Our purpose is to provide a fun and enjoyable environment for everyone.
  • Integrity: We will make knowledgeable and consistent decision making, driven by our mission, vision and goals..
  • Honesty: We will be forthright and transparent in our actions to build a trusting community.
  • Service: We strive to provide quality service to the TAMUK community through member interactions, safe and reliable equipment, and well maintained facility to the benefit of our members.
  • Inclusion: We respect people and value diversity and are committed to equality.
  • Leadership: We will foster personal and professional growth of both members and employees through opportunities on and off campus.