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It is the purpose of the Department of Campus Recreation and Fitness at Texas A&M University-Kingsville to provide the students, faculty and staff an opportunity to become, and remain active in a wide variety of activities. The intramural program offers ample opportunity for individual, team, and co-rec activities. These programs have been chosen to meet the needs and desires of the student body. It is a departmental objective to aid in the development of each participant's social interaction, need for competition, exercise and recreation, and to develop personal and professional growth opportunities and skills for life-long personal fitness.

Our goal is participation. Take advantage of all that is offered. We welcome and rely on any suggestions you may have. We are here to serve you with the best customer service.

This Intramural Sports Handbook is designed to provide Team Captains and Intramural Sports participants with specific guidelines and information that will assist them in participating fairly within the Intramural Sports Program. These general rules are basic guidelines for intramural activities and will be supplemented by additional regulations specific to each activity. Additional rules can be found in the procedures for each activity. Any of these rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Intramural Staff. The Intramural Supervisors reserve the right to issue any new rules or regulations that are deemed essential to the success of the total program. Ignorance is not accepted as a reason for someone not adhering to the rules and regulations. This handbook and all other rules are available for anyone at anytime. Please take advantage of this privilege. Participants are encouraged to have fun and enjoy the experience.



  • Capable officials are always needed. Look for flyers in Fitness Center for more information.
  • Pre-season clinics and demonstrations will be held for all officials, to review rules and positioning. These clinics are MANDATORY and those who do not attend will not officiate.
  • Officials will be paid on an hourly basis. Fill out an application and criminal background check and bring both to the Campus Recreation and Fitness office is located on the 2nd floor room 203.

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