Listed in the chart are the prices and expiration dates of the Memberships offered for the Summer, Fall Spring and Annual semesters of 2015 and 2016.

Membership Rates

Memberships will be sold all year long, but will not be prorated. If at any time a member wants to purchase a yearlong membership he/she can do so. If someone wants to purchase a membership in the middle of semester then he/she will still have to pay the full fee. We recommend that membership be purchased prior to upcoming semester so that a member may receive the full benefit of the membership.

Faculty and Staff may sign up for payroll deduction. A payroll deduction form must filled out and brought to the Administration Office. We will need to sign it, then you can take it to Payroll. Payroll will then give you a receipt. We ask you to bring that receipt with you on your next visit to the SRC and give it to a Membership Attendant (your card will not work when you bring your receipt). We will then take the receipt for our records and then activate your card for future uses. You can find the Payroll Deduction form below or pick one up from the office. 


Payroll Deduction Form