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Eligibility and Fees

As a student, faculty /staff member, alumni, university retiree, student affiliate, or university affiliate you may join the Student Recreation Center. All memberships will be on sale through Market Source on-line purchases or at the front desk of the SRC throughout the year.


Payroll Deduction Form

Listed in the chart are the prices of the Memberships offered for the Summer, Fall semester, Spring semester, and annual semester of the 2017-2018 year. Also available for purchase is the $5 Day Pass (also referred to as a Guest Pass), and the $40 Punch Card; which gives access for 12 uses. If you have any questions, please call our membership desk at (361)-593-3059.

Student Memberships

All currently enrolled Texas A&M-Kingsville students who have paid the Student Recreation Sports Fee are automatic members of the Student Recreation Center and may enter the facility by use of their TAMUK ID card. 

Students who drop all of their classes or are no longer considered a Texas A&M-Kingsville student will have their TAMUK cards deactivated and will not have access to the Student Recreation Center.      


Current benefit eligible employees of Texas A&M-Kingsville (50% FTE or greater) or retired employees are eligible to purchase a membership to the Student Recreation Center.


All graduates of Texas AM-Kingsville are eligible to purchase a membership to the Student Recreation Center.


Person or persons affiliated to the university through university sponsored/recognized groups or organizations are eligible to purchase a membership to the SRC.


Spouses of Texas A&M-Kingsville students, faculty, staff, retiree, alumni and affiliate are eligible to purchase memberships at their sponsor's same rate. The eligible user (faculty/staff, student retiree or alumni member) must first purchase their membership in order for their spouse to be eligible for a membership. Spouses must obtain a TAMUK ID Card from the ID center and present it upon entering the facility.

To purchase the initial membership, spouses must present the sponsor's TAMUK ID card in conjunction with a picture ID and one of the following as proof of their relationship.

  • Proof of joint checking/savings account
  • Marriage certificate
  • Other forms (as approved by the Assistant Director)

Sr. Dependent (18-25)

Sr. Dependents of eligible users (students, faculty/staff, retirees, alumni and affiliates) must purchase a membership in order to gain access to the student recreation center. The eligible user (faculty/staff/retiree or alumni member) must first purchase a membership in order for the Sr. Dependent to be eligible for a membership. Sr. Dependents cannot sponsor a spouse or dependent. The Sr. Dependent must obtain a TAMUK ID card from ID center and present it upon entering the facility.

Guest Passes

Guest passes may be purchased for one day use of the facility. These passes are $5 and can be purchased at the front desk of the SRC. Those with a valid membership may sponsor a guest(s), but must remain with them in the facility at all times. 

 Punch Cards

Punch cards are available for purchase at the front desk of the SRC and online through Marketplace. If you purchase a punch card online, bring the receipt to the front desk to pick up your card. The punch card is valid for one year. Within that year you may enter the facility up to 12 times. Each time you enter the facility, hand your card to the facility attendant who will punch the next number into your card. You may use this card to check out any equipment from the front desk as well.

Memberships will be sold all year long, but will NOT be prorated. If at any time a member wants to purchase a year long membership he/she may do so. Anyone who wishes to purchase a membership in the middle of a semester will still have to pay the full fee as shown above. We highly recommend that memberships be purchased prior to the upcoming semester so that a member may receive the full benefit of their membership. 
Faculty and Staff may sign up through payroll deduction. A payroll deduction form must filled out and brought to the Student Recreation and Fitness Center. You may turn the form in at the front desk or the Administration Office on the second floor.  You can find the Payroll Deduction form below or pick one up from the office. 



Payroll Deduction Form