Fred Nuesch - Coordinator for External Relations

Fred NueschWhen did you first set foot on campus?

Aug. 20, 1968

What job titles did you have?

Sports information director, journalism instructor and campus newspaper advisor.

Who is the first person you met on campus?

Dr. James Herring, who was chair of the journalism department.

Describe your first office.

There is a small building between Hill Hall and Nierman Hall.  It housed the public affairs office, the photo lab, the campus newspaper, the campus yearbook and all of the individuals in charge of those offices. 

What does the university mean to you?

There’s no way I can put that into words.  It has been my home for more than 47 years and I have enjoyed every minute of my time here.  There has never been a day when I didn’t want to go to work.  I retired from full-time (employment) in 2003 and have been part-time for more than 12 years.  Pretty obvious I love the place or I would have retired fully in 2003.

What is the university’s greatest accomplishment since you have been here?

Difficult to say, for there have been many.  The growth is one thing.  I also believe it has been the college at the center of higher education in South Texas for many years.  It has served the South Texas area for 90 years and done so in an outstanding manner.  I’ve always heard that you judge a college by its graduates.  Check ours out…it’s an impressive list.

What is your favorite Javelina tradition?

Homecoming.  Javelina Hall of Fame inductions.  Jalisco.  Each graduation.  Bonfire.  Tailgate parties. All of these are favorite traditions that I look forward to. Other schools have some of these, but those at Texas A&I and Texas A&M-Kingsville are special.

What is your favorite Javelina memory?

There are hundreds…not one.  Being in athletics, the big victories, national championship teams and individuals and conference championships all rank high.  Going to Europe in 1976 with the football team, playing in Hawaii twice in football, the 42-game victory streak are all big.  But I guess the best memories come with the hundreds and hundreds of athletes and coaches I’ve been able to become friends with since 1968.  They have gone on to achieve greatness in many fields.  I’ve had 10 lifetimes of great memories as a Javelina. You could never convince me that any other sports information director in the country has the good memories I have been able to compile.