Barbara Collins - Coordinator of the Disability Resource Center

Barbara Collins When did you first set foot on campus?

I came here in 1982 as a track and field athlete.

What was your first job on campus?

Business office clerk.

Who is the first person you met on campus?

Sandra Jefferson.

Describe your first office.

I worked in an office setting that was an open environment with no privacy. I sat right across from the vault in the business office--“Big Bertha”! Back in the 90s, the business office would print airline tickets and that was one of my responsibilities, so next to my desk was the huge airline ticket printer. We counted money for days—I had never seen so much money in my life.  There was a lot of laughter and lots of stress when the cashiers could not balance their cash register at the end of the day. Those were the days!

What does the university mean to you?

It means family, pride and a place of growth. I have had 10 family members attend this university as a result of me attending Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

What is the university’s greatest accomplishment since you have been here?

Keeping the Javelina spirit alive and embracing the needs of students with new technology, programs, residence halls, dining areas, facilities, buildings and more.

What is your favorite Javelina tradition?

I love the music playing from the bell tower and seeing the beautiful lights on the palm trees during the holiday season on University Boulevard.

What is your favorite Javelina memory?

Meeting my husband of 26 years, and when former President Rumaldo Juárez gave me a hug as I walked across the stage to receive my Master of Science degree are my favorite memories.