Top Reasons for Rejection

  1. The proposal topic is not appropriate for the agency or it does not meet with the current year's priorities for that agency.

  2. The proposal is submitted past the stated deadline.

  3. The guidelines are not followed exactly or the proposal submitted is filled with grammatical, and/or spelling errors.

  4. The proposed project is not unique or does not make a strong enough case in solving the stated problem.

  5. The proposal did not clearly state how the project would advance the science or help society in some form.

  6. The author's review of literature implies that they do not have a strong base of knowledge or sufficient background for the project.

  7. The budget or time constraints was unrealistically high or low in terms of equipment, supplies or personnel.

  8. The proposal is not clear or is not complete in describing one or more parts of the project.

  9. The proposal is sloppy or had very poor writing, grandiose claims, excessive repetitions or is too long.

  10. The cost of the project is far greater than any benefit it creates.

  11. The proposal did not include personnel with adequate experience or expertise to successfully complete the project

  12. The author editorializes in the proposal, states highly partisan positions on issues or somehow triggers the prejudices of the reviewers 

This page was last updated on: June 23, 2014