Proposal Submission Procedures/Forms

Proposal Submission Procedures/Forms

  • Sponsor Application Forms and Guidelines

    The specific program guidelines should be followed exactly and the required application forms used for the submission of proposals. For example, non-profit foundations may not have forms and guidelines available in some cases, but do not assume that this is always true. When guidelines are not available, the university requires, at a minimum a narrative scope of work, (including the individual responsible for the work) and a detailed budget with justification.

  • Institutional Requirements for Submission
  • Additional Authorizations and Compliance Requirements
    • The Use of Human Subjects in Research
    • Animal Use and Welfare
    • Radioactive Materials
    • Recombinant DNA
    • Biosafety: Hazardous Materials, Select Agents, and Controlled Substances
    • Patents and Inventions
    • Additional Office/Lab Space or Renovation
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Need for Executive Order
    • Excess of Time and Effort
  • Submission Timeline
  • Award Notification and Negotiation

    A congratulatory email is sent to the PI/PD on receipt of award. Copies of this notification will be sent, to the PI/PD and the department responsible person, chair, dean, Public Affairs, Provost, President and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Post Award Office will create an account and notify via email ORGS and Project Administration of the account number. The Grants Accountant makes a Project Summary form that tells the PI/PD the account number and what is expected from them (use of money, and reports) during the project. This Project Summary is then emailed to the PI/PD, chair, responsible person and dean.

ORGS's Work

Once the proposal is submitted to ORGS, the Grants Accountant and the Project Coordinator will review it and the sponsor guidelines in order to make suggestions to make the proposal stronger. Both people will send the PI a written review and work closely with the PIs in order to correct the proposal and obtain any additional paperwork needed such as letters or support or collaboration agreements. The proposal is also reviewed to make sure that all conditions of the budget and narrative agree with OMB-A21 for allowable costs, and for compatibility with the TAMUS system policies and University policies.

Once all parties agree that the proposal and budget are in the final version, and the Authorization Form has been signed by all necessary parties, the Director or the Project Coordinator will submit the grant to the funding agency. Once it is submitted and a confirmation is received (in the case of, then the Project Coordinator will send an email to the PI.

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