Institutional Requirements for Submission

ALL Forms can be found on the ORSP Forms page.  If you cannot find the form you need, please contact

Institutional Authorization Form for the Submission of Proposals for External Support:  All proposals for submission must include a completed and signed Institutional Authorization Form. It must be signed by the PI, coPI's, chair and dean. It should include information about the total support, the amount of direct and indirect costs and an indication of what special compliance forms will be needed. A proposal will not be submitted without this form.

Cost-sharing Form:  If matching funds or cost-sharing is provided, a completed and signed Cost-Sharing Form must be included. This form must also be signed by the PI, CoPI's, chair and dean. In some cases, the amount of cost share needed for the project will change after the proposal has been submitted. In that case, a new Cost Share Form will need to be signed by all parties and given to ORSP before an account is established after the award has been made by the sponsor.

Required Signatures:  The Institutional Authorization Form and the Cost-Sharing Form provides assurance that the proposal is appropriate to the mission of the department, college, or division; and the required signatures commit the necessary resources -- financial, human, and “bricks and mortar”– to ensure successful completion of the proposed activity. The signatures of the principal investigator, department chair, and dean or divisional head all attest to the above assurances. If there is more than one person involved at any of these levels of authority, then signatures must be obtained from all persons involved at that level. For instance, if more than one person is mentioned as an investigator, all investigators, their chairs and deans must sign the form. In signing this form, the principal investigator or program director signature certifies that 

  • the PI(s)/PD(s) accepts responsibility for the ethical scientific conduct of the project;
  • the PI(s)/PD(s)  will  provide required reports  in a timely manner if an award is made;
  • the facts presented in the application are true;
  • the PI(s)/PD(s) has no potential conflict of interest that may affect, or perceived to affect, the results of the proposed research;
  • the PI(s)/PD(s) is not delinquent on any federal debt, such as student loans; and
  • the PI(s)/PD(s) is not currently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded from current transactions by a federal department or agency.

Proposals submitted through any Texas A&M System agency, member university, or any other institution of higher education or external entity serving as the “lead” agency or institution, must be routed for authorization to submit. Only the Scope of Work and Budget elements related to A&M-Kingsville should be reviewed. ORSP will notify the external “lead” when institutional approval for submission has been given. Similarly, when A&M Kingsville is the “lead” institution with other collaborating entities, ORSP requires approval to submit from the Sponsored Program Office or other appropriate fiscal or administrative officer.

All agreements with collaborators need to be indicated in writing before submitting the proposal. This may include Memorandums of Agreement which are signed by the collaborating institute. Submission of a proposal without the required administrative authorizations is not a university submission and therefore is ineligible to receive funding.  Pre-proposals or "white paper” submissions not requiring an authorized institutional signature may be submitted without institutional review and approval. ORSP would appreciate an informational copy as an “Intent to Submit.

Cover Letters/Letters of Support: Sponsors may require a transmittal letter from the president of the institution, or an authorized representative. Requests for these are made through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and the letters are made available after the proposal has been reviewed. The office will also provide a cover letter identifying institutional contact persons and phone numbers if this information is not included in the proposal format.

Audit information: Sometimes a sponsor will request audit information. Because Texas A&M University-Kingsville is a state agency, all auditing request go through the State Comptroller of Public Accounts. If this information is requested, then include a copy of the A133 Audit Letter in your proposal.

This page was last updated on: July 12, 2016