Proposal Development

A. Policies and Regulations

BProposal Development
     1. Advice on Creating a Proposal
     2. Top Reasons for the Rejection
     3. Factors in Proposal Development
         a. Programmatic Narrative Preparation
             i. General Rules
             ii. Sections of the Narrative
             iii. Abstract/Introduction
             iv. Narrative Section
             v.  Budget
         b. Budget Preparation
                  i. Direct Costs
                  ii. Indirect Costs
         c. Cost Sharing and Matching Funds

C. Proposal Submission Procedures
1. Sponsor Application Forms and Guidelines
     2. Institutional Requirements for Submission
     3. Required Signatures
     4. Additional Authorizations Required for Regulatory Compliance
          a. The Use of Human Subjects in Research
          b. Animal Use and Welfare
          c. Radioactive Materials
          d. Biosafety, Hazardous Materials, Select Agents, and Controlled Substances
          e. Patents and Inventions
          f.  Additional Office/Lab Space or Renovation
          g. Conflict of Interest
          h. Excess of Time and Effort
      5. Submission Timeline
      6. Award Notification and Negotiation

D. Other Resources for Training The TAMU Office of Proposal Development offers  training sessions for proposal preparation, notes from past training sessions and a constantly updated list of Request For Proposals.

E. Glossary of Terms

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