Grant accountants will monitor travel request and approve/reject travel based on the grant terms and conditions.


Reimbursement of travel expenses incurred by faculty, staff, and graduate students on externally funded projects follows the guidelines set forth in the at the State Comptroller website. (State of Texas Travel Allowance Guide)  Completed travel vouchers should be approved and signed by the individual and appropriate supervisor and forwarded to the Business Office for processing. Travel expenditures incurred by undergraduate students is reimbursed with a Departmental Requisition Form. Prior to initiating travel arrangements, the PI/PD should review the grant or contract conditions for any travel restrictions. Further, the PI/PD should verify the existing status of the account to determine if sufficient funds are available for travel. Maximum reimbursement rates for state and federal travel (meals and lodging) can be found at this web site.

If the destination city is not listed in this document, use another city in the same county. If the county is not listed, use the rate given as the median rate for the destination state. Grant accounts cannot be used to reimburse travel expenses for amounts exceeding the amounts listed unless the account is from a non-state agency (i.e. private, foundation or federal funds) and the original grant proposal contained a statement in the budget justification section allowing expenses exceeding state maximums, such as "State guidelines will apply for travel reimbursement rates unless actual costs exceed state limits. If actual costs exceed state limits, actual costs will be used for reimbursement purposes." When claiming reimbursement for travel costs exceeding state limits, a travel voucher is used to claim reimbursement up to the state limit. A requisition must be submitted to claim reimbursement for the amount exceeding the state limit.

Please visit the Finance and Budgets Travel site for more information: Travel


Meals reimbursement requests should be for actual expenses up to the maximum allowed. Receipts are not required for meal expenses. TAMUK does not reimburse for meal expenses if the travel did not include an overnight stay. Travelers may claim the meal expense reimbursement for both the day before and the day after an overnight stay based on actual meal expenses related to travel up to the maximum allowed regardless of the time the traveler departed from and returned to Kingsville.


All university travelers are required to receive their administrators’ approval prior to travel. Such approval is requested with the form "Leave/Travel Request". Travelers going to any foreign country except Mexico and Canada are required to also receive the President’s approval. This approval is requested with the form "Request for Presidents Approval for State Employees Traveling to Foreign Countries. "International Travel on grants is only allowed by sponsor approval and must be stated in the budget. Travel to Mexico and Canada is treated the same as domestic travel. Travel to Washington, D.C. requires the approval of the Texas A&M University System, unless the travel is required by the grant or contract. Such approval is requested with the form "Report For State Agency Travel To Washington, D.C." Please contact our office for copies of these forms.

This page was last updated on: March 30, 2018