No Cost Extension

Several items of information are needed in order to apply for a no-cost extension. The following items should be included in the request:

  1. The additional length of time
  2. A justification for this additional time (funds remaining is not a justification)
  3. A summary of the progress of the project to date (usually as an attachment)
  4. An estimate of funds that are unobligated at the currently scheduled expiration date
  5. The projected timetable (or table of activities) to complete  the portions of the project that will remain unfinished
     at the scheduled completion date
  6. And revised budget if changes need to be made for the period of the extension, or a statement that the budget
    items will be expended as originally awarded.
  7. A clear idea of how this extension affects the Time and Effort provided by the university.

Once this is provided to ORSP, the Director will write a letter to the granting agency, requesting the extension.

This page was last updated on: June 23, 2014