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Award Administration (Post-Award)

The OSRP staff for Post Award (PA) is responsible for the post-award administration of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements with the university. Post Award is now a unit under the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs Division. The Post Award office is located in College Hall Room 111. Please see below for a listing of each grant accountant and their corresponding colleges/departments.
Other responsibilities of post award administration include:

  • Budgetary and compliance issues
  • Serves as the office of record for all sponsored projects
  • Ensures proper and complete close-out processing of sponsored projects
  • Coordinates all audits related to sponsored projects
  • Prepares and submits financial reports, including cost sharing schedules
  • Approves requisitions, petty cash reimbursements, payroll, travel, and vouchers, creates forms on sponsored project accounts
  • Prepares invoices for reimbursements and tracks federal and state drawdowns
  • Approves all scholarship, fellowship, and stipend requests related to sponsored project accounts
  • Initiates new account set up for sponsored project accounts, F&A accounts, and residual accounts

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Once the original Notice of Award or a contract has been received, reviewed, and approved, ORSP will review the pending file to ensure that all requirements for initiating project activities have been met. If this is not the case, the PI/PD will be contacted to provide the required information or documentation and there will be a delay in the establishment of the account. If the file is complete, ORSP will submit a "Request for Account Establishment" to the ORSP Post Award. It is this office that will establish an account for the project award and a match account if cost sharing has been included in the proposal.

These accounts are established to maintain and administer funds based on the terms of the award document. Accounts are maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. The awarded budget provides the basis for allowable expenditures.

The authorization and expenditure of funds is determined by the applicable federal or state regulations, the requirements of the source of funds, and the institutional rules and procedures governing expenditures. In the course of a project, the PI/PD may wish to make an expenditure that is not specifically authorized in the award document. The Post Award Office can assist in determining whether or not a sponsor approved budget revision would be required in order to make the expenditure. Budget revisions requiring sponsor and/or institutional approval must be submitted to the ORSP.

PI/PDs are responsible for reviewing agency and program guidelines relating to their grants and ensuring that all expenditures are directly related to and necessary for the successful completion of the project. The ORSP-Post Award Office determines the allowability of cost items for expenditure.

Communiation of Award

A congratulatory email is sent to the PI/PD on receipt of award. Copies of this notification will be sent, to the PI/PD and the department responsible person, chair, dean, Public Affairs, Provost, President and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Post Award Office will create an account and notify via email ORSP and Project Administration of the account number. The Grants Accountant makes a Project Summary form that tells the PI/PD the account number and what is expected from them (use of money, and reports) during the project. This Project Summary is then emailed to the PI/PD, chair, responsible person and dean.

Changes to a Project

The scope of work on a project, or the time needed to perform the work can change.It is important for the PI to keep in contact with the sponsor representative to discuss any changes that may be needed. Sponsors differ on the specific requirements for allowing and authorizing changes. However, the PI/PD must inform ORSP of proposed project changes requiring grantor approval. Correspondence with the sponsor requesting such changes must be authorized and signed on behalf of the institution by the Director of ORSP.

Employment of Personnel on Externally Funded Projects

To initiate the employment of faculty, staff, or graduate students, the PI/PD must consult with the Human Resources. Once the position has been filled or a current employee has been assigned, a "Request for Form 500" or Employee Payroll Action (EPA) must be completed and routed through the appropriate Department Chair, College Dean, and Provost for approval and required authorization. If a graduate student’s salary is funded entirely by sponsored funds, the Form 500/EPA does not require approval by the Provost or College Dean and should be sent directly to Post Awards following the approvals by the department chair. To initiate the employment or assignment of an undergraduate student worker, the PI/PD must consult with the Office of Student Financial Aid Services.

Faculty/Staff Termination of Institutional Association

When a PI/PD terminates his/her association with the university, ORSP should be contacted immediately. Ensuring that all technical reporting requirements are met, and all expenditures are cleared on the grant account are administrative responsibilities of the PI/PD prior to his/her leaving the employment of the University. If the grant award will remain active, the university may request transfer of the award to another institution where the PI/PD will be employed, or the University may request that a new PI be approved. This will be done in consultation with the PI/PD. Transfer of the grant will be made in accordance with an agreement between Texas A&M University-Kingsville, the granting agency, and any other institutions involved.

No Cost Extension
  1. The additional length of time
  2. A justification for this additional time (funds remaining is not a justification)
  3. A summary of the progress of the project to date (usually as an attachment)
  4. An estimate of funds that are unobligated at the currently scheduled expiration date
  5. The projected timetable (or table of activities) to complete the portions of the project that will remain unfinished at the scheduled completion date
  6. And revised budget if changes need to be made for the period of the extension, or a statement that the budget
    items will be expended as originally awarded.
  7. A clear idea of how this extension affects the Time and Effort provided by the university.

Once this is provided to ORSP, the Director will write a letter to the granting agency, requesting the extension.

Project Adminsitration

PI/PDs are responsible for the day-to-day administration and direction of their projects. The PI/PD is provided with a copy of the grant or contract, and terms and conditions of the award and a Project Summary. Post Award will provide monthly fiscal summaries. ORSP will assist PI/PDs in clarifying or resolving budgetary issues.


The university’s procurement procedures are subject to a complex set of state and federal Statutes, Texas A&M University System Policies and Regulations, Texas A&M University-Kingsville rules, and in the case of research agreements, sponsor contractual conditions. The University has developed specific procedures to assist researchers in expediting the delivery of goods and services. Procurement Procedures can be found in the Procurement Manual, copies of which are available in each department. All Principal Investigators, Projector Directors, or other faculty and staff involved in externally funded projects are encouraged to visit the Office of Procurement and General Services to discuss procurement needs and to come to a better understanding of how the system works.

Procurement Procedure Manual

Each Grant accountant assigned to each account will review and approve each purchase. If the expense is not allowed, the requisition/purchase order will be rejected by the grant accountant. Questions regarding purchasing procedures should be directed to each grant accountant in the corresponding college department.


The PI/PD is responsible for compliance for technical or program reporting. Many federal agencies refuse to review proposal submissions if the PI/PD is delinquent in submitting reports on currently funded projects. The PI/PD should read the sponsor’s guidelines carefully to determine what reports are required, their frequency, and preparation instructions.

Any report that needs a signature must be routed through ORSP for the Director's signature before being mailed out. Financial reports will be prepared by Post Award. A copy will be provided to the PI/PD. A copy of the required reports should be routed through ORSP before submission so that the Program Developer can aid in the narrative. Also, the ORSP needs a copy.


Grant accountants will monitor travel request and approve/reject travel based on the grant terms and conditions.

For more information, visit Travel information.


Assistant Director for Post-Award

Cynthia Villarreal

Phone: (361) 593-4915
E-mail: cynthia.villarreal@tamuk.edu

  • Oversees Grant Accountants
  • Reviews Financial Activities
  • Establishes New Accounts including Grants and Cost Share
  • Reviews payroll documents for all grant accounts
  • Monitors Research and Development Fund Accounts
  • Monitors Internal University Research Awards

Grants & Contracts Specialist III

Christy Garcia

Phone: (361) 593-4258
E-mail: christy.garcia@tamuk.edu

Reviews Financial Activities on Grants & Contracts for:

  • College of Engineering
  • Conner Museum
  • Distance Learning/Continuing Education
  • Athletics
  • Student Health & Wellness

Grant Accountant

Vickie Frels

Phone: (361) 593-3087
E-mail: kuvlf002@tamuk.edu

Reviews Financial Activities on Grants & Contracts for:

  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • College of Education
  • Center for Young Children
  • Special Programs
  • Center for Student Success

Grant Accountant

Stephanie Steen

Phone: (361) 593-3086
E-mail: stephanie.steen@tamuk.edu

Reviews Financial Activities on Grants & Contracts for:

  • College of Agriculture & Human Sciences