"Be All You Can Be" Nomination Form

"Be All You Can Be" Award will recognize six females who have successfully demonstrated leadership abilities in the following six categories: student (undergraduate & graduate), faculty (new professionals 1-3 years and established over 3 years) and staff (new professionals 1-3 years and established over 3 years)

The awards will be presented at a reception at 5:15 p.m. Thursday, April 12, in the Founder's Room.

Selection Criteria

  • Acts as a mentor/role model who is amiable, courageous and respects others (20 points)
  • Exhibits leadership potential (20 points)
  • Demonstrates determination, drive and persistence (10 points)
  • Representing Texas A&M-Kingsville in a positive manner (20 points)
  • Contributes to organization (campus, community and/or professional) activities (20 points)
  • Volunteers for a cause in which she believes (10 points)

Nomination Process

Please submit a one- to two-page letter in a 12-point font summarizing each student, faculty and staff being nominated. The letter should include descriptive examples outlining the nominee's characteristics and address each of the selection criteria listed above. Multiple nominations are accepted, but a separate letter is required for each of the nominees. The deadline for nominations is at 5 p.m. Thursday, March 22, and they should be submitted to Gina Smith, University Housing & Residence Life, MSC 108 or via email kagms00@tamuk.edu. Please contact Gina at extension 4648 for any questions regarding this process.

Nomination Form


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New ProfessionalEstablished


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