General Education Committee

Chaired by: Designated from the committee membership by the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Membership: The committee is composed of twelve faculty members including eleven recommended by the academic deans – two faculty members from each of the following colleges: Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences, College of Business Administration, College of Education and Human Performance, and Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering, and three from the College of Arts and Sciences. The twelfth committee member is recommended by the Faculty Senate. Committee members will serve staggered terms of three years. The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Assessment Coordinator sit on this committee in an ex-officio capacity.

Function: The committee monitors compliance with the University’s general education requirements, evaluates the programs’ effectiveness, and is responsible for preparing Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board reports. The committee also advises the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs on any matters involving the core curriculum which affect the academic programs of the University.


General Education Committee

2018-2019 Membership

Dr. Jieming Chen, Chair (2)

Dr. Breanna Bailey (3)

Dr. Alexa Carrier (3)

Dr. Steven Chumbly (2)

Dr. Ulan Dakeev (3)

Dr. Kristopher Garza (2)

Dr. Rusty Karst (2)

Dr. Michael Muzheve (1)

Mr. Harmeet Singh (1)

Dr. Jackie Thomas (1)

Dr. Marsha Tucker (1)

Dr. Monica Wong-Ratcliff (3)

Dr. Shannon Baker, ex officio

Ms. Cadi Luskex officio

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