NNTRC Services

The National Natural Toxins Research Center
is able to perform a variety of scientific assays and screening procedures for other organizations.

We have state-of-the-art laboratories and highly trained staff able to fulfill many biological testing needs.

Assays & Procedures

Cat #


Reverse-phase Chromatography

NNTRC_0001 400
Size Exclusion Chromatography

NNTRC_0002 400
Ion Exchange Chromatography
     (Cation & Anion)

NNTRC_0003 400
Mass Analysis

NNTRC_0004 500
Hemorrhagic Assay

NNTRC_0005 350
Anti-hemorrhagic Assay

NNTRC_0006 450
Fibrinolytic Assay

NNTRC_0007 150
Hide powder Azure Assay

NNTRC_0008 150
Gelatinase Assay

NNTRC_0009 150
Sonoclot Profiles

NNTRC_0010 200
Aggregometer Assay

NNTRC_0011 250
In vivo Inhibition of Lung Colonization
     of Tumoral Cells Assay

NNTRC_0012 2000
Inhibition of Disintegrins in
     Cancer Cell Metastasis Assay

NNTRC_0013 2000
Factor X Activator Assay

NNTRC_0014 150
cDNA Library Construction

NNTRC_0015 3500
Subcloning, Expression and Purification    
NNTRC_0016        1500
Inhibition of Cellular Adhesion Assay

NNTRC_0017 350
Cell Migration Assay

NNTRC_0018 350

NNTRC_0019 1400

NNTRC_0020 1400
Myotoxin Assay

NNTRC_0021 350
Anti-myotoxin Assay

NNTRC_0022 450

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