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NNTRC Services

The National Natural Toxins Research Center
is able to perform a variety of scientific assays and screening procedures for other organizations.

We have state-of-the-art laboratories and highly trained staff able to fulfill many biological testing needs.

Assays & Procedures

Reverse-phase Chromatography Factor X Activator Assay
Size Exclusion Chromatography cDNA Library Construction
Anion Exchange Chromatography Subcloning, Expression and Purification
Mass Analysis Inhibition of Cellular Adhesion Assay
Hemorrhagic Assay Cell Migration Assay
Fibrinolytic Assay Matrigel Plug Angiogenesis Assay
Hide powder Azure Assay In vivo Inhibition of Lung Colonization of Tumoral Cells Assay
Gelatinase Assay Inhibition of Disintegrins in Cancer Cell Metastasis Assay
Sonoclot Profiles LD50
Aggregometer Assay ED50

Please Contact Us for Available Assays and Price Quotes:
Phone: (361) 593-3082 • Fax: (361) 593-3798

Email: kanmd00@tamuk.edu

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