NNTRC Venom Collection

NNTRC Venom Collection
  • Venoms are collected at the NNTRC Serpentarium.
  • Venom extractions are handled only by the Curator and a few, specially trained NNTRC personnel.
  • Visitors are discouraged during extraction times to minimize distractions during the process.
  • Venoms are extracted by allowing the snake to bite into a paraffin stretched over a disposable, sterile container. It is not the practice of the NNTRC to massage the venom glands to release more venom.
  • Some smaller snakes are placed into clear tubes for better handling during extractions.
  • Each venom sample is clarified by centrifugation (500 x g for 10 min), filtered through a 0.45 µm filter under positive pressure and then frozen at -90ºC until it is lyophilized.
  • Venoms collected a the NNTRC are not pooled unless requested by a researcher. Each snake's venom is collected separately and only stored with previous samples from the same snake, using their unique Avid numbers for reference.
  • The frequency of venom extraction per snake is about once a week to once a month, species and size depending. Size is also a factor in how much venom an extraction from a specific snake is able to yield.
  • The NNTRC will sell its collected, lyophilized venoms to reputable researchers who have passed a background check.
  • To view the list of current venoms available in our inventory, please visit our Venom List, or call (361) 593-3082 for more information about venoms, fractions and other venom components available from the NNTRC.

This page was last updated on: February 7, 2019