NNTRC Serpentarium

Housing the largest collection of venomous snakes for research purposes in the United States, the NNTRC Serpentarium was constructed in 2009. Previously, the animal collection was kept in May Hall, one of the original buildings of the Texas A&M University - Kingsville campus. Due to its age, May Hall was slated for demolition and the University funded the building of the new Serpentarium, which was specifically designed to meet the needs of its inhabitants.

Able to hold over 600 snakes, the building has individually designed temperature controls for the animal rooms to simulate the natural habitats of the various species, a lab for processing and storing venom, professionally designed displays to exhibit some of the snakes in approximations of their natural habitats, and a low-temperature room to allow the snakes to hibernate.

Serpentarium Staff

The NNTRC Serpentarium Curator and Animal Technicians are all trained in the safe and humane handling of all animals in their care. Because this is a secure facility, only authorized individuals are allowed access to the animal collection.

Snake Husbandry

Venom Collection

Tour requests are welcomed the NNTRC Serpentarium with advance notice. Please call (361) 593-3082 / (361) 593-2643 or email us to schedule a day and time.

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