NNTRC Snakes

Scientific Name

Sistrurus miliarius barbouri

Common Name 

Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake


Physical Characteristics

Length, 15-22 in. (38-56 cm).  The ground color varies from a pale gray to black with varying amounts of small light specks or stippling.  The dorsal pattern consists of a series of rounded dark brown, grey, or black blotches down the middle of the back.  A thin reddish brown mid-dorsal stripe is usually present.  The head has a series of 9 large scales or plates on the top and there is a dark broad lateral stripe along each side. 

Geographic Range (USA)

Extreme southernSouth Carolina, across southern Georgia, Alabama, and southeastern Mississippi, and all of Florida.  
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Occupies various habitats including, pine flatlands, swampy areas, dry woodlands, lakes, ponds, and marshes. 


Small mammals, amphibians, lizards, and other snakes.


Hemorrhagic toxins, resulting in tissue damage and edema.


The Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake is a relatively small and inoffensive snake.  However, they will coil, rattle, and strike quickly when confronted.

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