NNTRC Snakes

Scientific Name

Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen

Common Name 

Northern Copperhead


Physical Characteristics

Can grow to a total length of 20–37 in (50–95 cm), although some may exceed that length. Males are usually larger than females. the copperhead's body is relatively stout and the head is broad and distinct from the neck. The color consists of a pale tan to pinkish tan ground color, overlaid with a series of  crossbandsLength, 24-36 in. (61-90 cm). The ground color of the Northern Copperhead is usually a rusty coppery-red color. The dorsal pattern consists of a series of darker hourglass markings (wide on the lateral aspect and narrowing towards the center).

Geographic Range (USA)

Massachusetts westward to southern Illinois and south to the northern half of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina
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Wooded areas and rocky mountainous hillsides


Small mammals, birds, and frogs


Hemorrhagins are the predominant toxins, resulting in tissue damage and edema.


When approached Copperheads will usually attempt to retreat but when provoked will strike and vibrate their tails rapidly.

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