NNTRC Snakes

Scientific Name

Agkistrodon contortrix pictigaster

Common Name 

Trans-Pecos Copperhead


Physical Characteristics

Length, 20-30 in. (51-76 cm). A medium sized stout bodied snake. The ground color of the Trans-Pecos Copperhead is usually a light tan or cream with the dorsal pattern consists of a series of wide darker rusty brown crossbands. The ventral area is boldly marked with mottled dark patches.

Geographic Range (USA, Mexico)

Limited to the Trans-Pecos and Big bend area of Texas

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Arid mountain and canyons


Small mammals, birds, frogs, other snakes, and insects


Hemorrhagins are the predominant toxins, resulting in tissue damage and edema.


When approached Copperheads will usually remain motionless until agitated. Once provoked they will vibrate their tail and defend themselves if necessary.

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