Viper Day


Viper Day began in1999 under the name of “The President’s Distinguished Student Research Seminar” (PDSRS). At that point in time the goal was to hold educational seminars for the president’s list recipients. One year later, 2000, the Natural Toxins Research Center (NTRC) was born. As a key facility with great biomedical assays, the NTRC presented these experiments in the PDSRS event in order to broaden the event’s seminar presentations. Within the next years NTRC became The National Natural Toxins Research Center (NNTRC) and took over the event and named it our well-known “Viper Day” instead of PDSRS.    

RSVP for our next Viper Day

To all high school staff, if you are interested in becoming part of the NNTRC’s Viper day history, RSVP today!!!! Please choose a decent number of qualified students with a sparked interest in the sciences, particularly in the Bio-Medical field. The Viper Day event strives to show students the importance of teaching through Bio-Medical Research. We look forward to answering any questions students may have and our staff is willing to help with any advice the students may need to achieve their goals. The day will start off with poster presentations by our published researchers and students, explaining what they do daily and the impact they may have on the future of human medicine. A special speaker will have a presentation ready for the students based on his experience, knowledge he acquired here at the NNTRC and what he has achieved since. Students will also have an opportunity to win money in two manners: first, by being chosen to play “Who Wants to be a Viper Day Millionaire” game, and second, to follow instructions set by our director, Dr. Elda E. Sanchez, in order to attain a bookstore scholarship. We will welcome students into our center and into our Serpentarium that currently houses over 450 snakes. Our goal is to spark students’ initiative to continue pursuing a higher education and hopefully join us here at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.    

This page was last updated on: April 27, 2016