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Texas A&M-Kingsville awarded $3.8 million for Student Success in South Texas grant

KINGSVILLE - October 15, 2010

Contact: Julie Navejar
julie.navejar@tamuk.edu or 361--593-2590

Officials at Texas A&M University-Kingsville have been notified that they will receive more than $3.8 million over the next five years under the Strengthening Institutions-Hispanic Serving Institutions Program through the United States Department of Education. The first year’s funding will bring just over $760,000 to A&M-Kingsville.

“This new grant allows us to continue our relationship with Del Mar College,” said Dr. Dann Brown, dean of University College. “Our two institutions  share a common commitment to student success and the programs we will be able to support with this grant will help students achieve their dream of obtaining a college degree and entering the workforce in their chosen career field.”

Two activities will be included under this grant, one designed to enhance student retention and persistence and the second to develop student employment as a positive influence on student success.

The first new program will help students overcome obstacles to success in gateway courses; supplemental instruction will be implemented in the freshman year and beyond. This program targets traditionally difficult academic courses, courses that have a high rate of Ds and a high rate of withdrawals.           

“These gateway courses aren’t unique to our campuses, but we can provide support through supplemental instruction, enhance learning and help students succeed in difficult courses,” Brown said.  “At Texas A&M-Kingsville, students who participate in supplemental instruction are 20 percent more likely to receive a grade of A, B or C in gateway courses.” 

As a part of the first new initiative, a new event, a South Texas Success Conference for current and emerging Hispanic Serving Institutions, will be supported. “We are very excited about having the opportunity to bring our colleagues to Kingsville and Corpus Christi for an annual South Texas Success Summit where successful practices will be shared among community colleges and university faculty and staff,” he said.

The second new student internship program will involve 15 students each long semester at each campus. Participants will develop skills and abilities appropriate to their chosen profession as they gain in their understanding of opportunities available to them upon graduation. Faculty and staff will receive training which will enhance their abilities to serve as effective supervisors and mentors to students employed in the program.

“This program is founded on principles of developing student employment as a student success tool and should be particularly important to students who cannot take advantage of off-campus internships while in college,” Brown said.

“The Title V Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions program provides resources that might not be readily available to develop and expand programs designed to improve student success,” he added. “These programs are especially valuable as colleges and universities across the nation are dealing with budgetary shortfalls as a result of our national economic recession. 

“The most important impact is the difference we can make on our students and their learning through the services we provide. At its heart, Title V is a program committed to the success of Hispanic and low-income students and our continued collaboration with Del Mar College will help us provide students with opportunities to be successful, earn a college degree and make a difference in the lives of their families and communities,” said Herminio Ibanez, director of Title V programs in University College. 

Del Mar College officials also tout the importance of Title V funding like this grant. 

“Title V programming has helped the students attending Del Mar College through intensive support services to include supplemental instruction, tutoring and advising; articulation agreements for students to transfer easily into four-year institutions; and enhanced technology and support to assist them in achieving their educational goals,” said. Agnes L. Flores, director of the Title V/Student Success Center.

“Title V funding has provided exceptional benefit for our students. This exciting new collaborative opportunity will provide paid student internships on our campus, a win-win for both the students and the institution,” said Dee Salmon, director of research and sponsored programs at Del Mar.


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