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Texas A&M-Kingsville Art Faculty, Students Show Their Creativity at South Texas College Ceramic Showdown

KINGSVILLE - June 09, 2009

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Faculty Charles Wissinger, Fulden Sara-Wissinger keynote speakers

Faculty and students of the art department at Texas A&M University-Kingsville will show their ceramic works together at a unique statewide ceramics workshop.

Associate professor Charles Wissinger and lecturer Fulden Sara-Wissinger are among the featured presenters at “A South Texas Ceramic Showdown: Beyond the Vessel,” presented by and taking place at South Texas College (STC) and the University of Texas-Pan American June 12-13.

This conference and exhibition strives for diversity, by displaying faculty and student works together at the Pecan Campus Library Art Gallery of STC and the Visitors Center of UT-Pan Am.

Works by faculty and students from 11 universities and community colleges will be on display. Texas A&M-Kingsville will have 15 works on display, 11 of which are student pieces and the other four by the Wissingers.This year’s show was described by David Freeman, curator and programs coordinator for STC’s Library Art Gallery program, in an official event press release: “The show explores the influences of our Southern continental United States and its individual, extensive point of view regarding contemporary issues in the devolvement, expression, concept, personal exploration and experimentation of different processes and unique aesthetics in contemporary ceramics today.” 

Charles Wissinger and Fulden Sara-Wissinger, along with Aaron Calvert of Henderson State University, will be giving lectures and demonstrations of ceramics work. Charles Wissinger will speak on ceramics work around the globe and about his own creations, while Fulden Sara-Wissinger, who grew up in and studied art in Istanbul, will talk about art and life in Turkey.

“I’m going into my 40th year of teaching, and I’ve learned that with all we can teach our students, we can’t always give them much knowledge about surviving in the art field as a career,” said Charles Wissinger. “The more real world experience we can give them, like this ceramics conference and exhibition, the better.”

Students Showing at “A South Texas Ceramic Showdown: Beyond the Vessel”
(Student name, hometown, work to be displayed)
Peggy Hayes, Kingsville, “Where the Soul Resides”
Joe Rios, Kingsville, “Virgin De Guadalupe”
Giselle Carrero, Kingsville, “Ashlee”
Loraine Sabin, Florida, “Hard Head”
Valton Stinson, Kingsville, “Untitled”
Ryan Evetts, Kingsville, “Despierta”
Sterling Dietz, Kingsville, “Down stream from the Nuclear Reactor”
Jennifer Dominguez, San Antonio, “Summer Night”
Kimberly Cormier, Kingsville, “Toxic Leaf”
John Salazar, McAllen “Sniff, Sniff, Chomp”
Linda Lopez, Alice, “Thunder Under the Hood - white powder in the back & another midnight run to Mexico”
Faculty Showing at “A South Texas Ceramic Showdown: Beyond the Vessel”
Fulden Sara-Wissinger, “Ottoman Tulip Series”
                                    “Suffi V”
Charles Wissinger, “Many Worlds of Chuck”
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